When you need information, waiting can often be the hardest part. But thanks to the innovative Case Tracker technology provided by Gallivan, Donovan &Yarnall Inc., you�ll have the ability to check thestatusofyourcaseinstantly,24hoursaday,7daysaweek. No more waiting for phone calls, faxes or reports from your investigator.

Clients can access the Case Tracker System securely from, by using a unique username and password granting secure access to:

  • Informative reports
  • Streaming video
  • Photos
  • Case updates

    Other interactive Case Tracker features give clients the ability to:

  • Submit new cases online
  • Upload/download pictures and information
  • Add/change policy and procedure information
  • Add/change contact information
  • Communicate with investigator on current cases

    At GDY Inc., we understand the importance of being responsive to our clients� needs by keeping you informed. Thanks to Case Tracker, you can follow your case, on your schedule.