Without the right precautions, the success of your business can be compromised. At GDY Inc., we help private companies by offering services that can protect your bottom line in key areas.

Employee Background Screening Investigations � To assist in the hiring process by conducting a thorough background check of a prospective employee, including residences; criminal history; financial, medical and employment histories; as well as other necessary information verification.

Workers� Compensation � To investigate a claimant�s background in regard to previous claims history as well as past and present activities.

Employee Theft � To prevent employee theft and expose unlawful and/or illicit activity in the workplace.

Chronic Absenteeism � To assist in controlling the high costs of employee abuse of sick time by investigating whether the claimed injury/illness is legitimate; and to monitor the activities of the employee as requested.

Internal Investigations/Undercover Operations � To prevent theft from outsiders, to prevent or uncover employee theft, to uncover unlawful and/or illicit activity in the workplace.

Workplace Violence � To prevent violence in the workplace by assisting in the development of a sound prevention plan; provide awareness and training; identify potentially violent situations and assist in preparation for a response to violent incidents.

Threat Assessment � To identify and determine the seriousness of potential threats and to assist in the development of appropriate prevention, intervention and response plans.

Risk Management � To assess and identify areas of vulnerability; develop strategies to mitigate risk; develop and implement policies to reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities.

Computer Forensic Services

  • Data recovery
  • Electronic investigations/discovery
  • Computer security awareness
  • Forensic consulting/financial investigations