At GDY Inc., we have the resources to assist law firms. We�ll conduct investigations as necessary to support plaintiffs and/or defendants. This can include the reconstruction of accident/crime scenes, statements, surveillance, etc. as necessary, in an effort to determine the truth and provide support to litigators or potential litigators.

Services include:
  • Witness Location and Verification
  • Statements
  • Surveillance
  • Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
  • Polygraph
  • Computer Forensic Services
            o Data recovery
            o Electronic investigations/discovery
            o Computer security awareness
            o Forensic consulting/financial investigations
  • Security Consulting
  • Security policy development and risk assessment
  • Matrimonial
  • Process Service
  • Summons/complaints
  • Small claims
  • Cross-complaints
  • Garnishments
  • Bank levies
  • Subpoenas
  • Background Investigations
            o Criminal
            o Nanny employment
            o Pre-employment
            o Business
            o Property managers
            o Dating services
  • Asset Location and Verification
            o Name/DOB/SSN
            o Employment/source of income
            o Real property
            o Auto/aircraft/boats
            o Business affiliations
            o Professional licenses
            o Credit review
  • Public Record Information
            o Felony/misdemeanor
            o Warrants
            o Bankruptcies/judgments/tax liens
            o Employment verification
            o Education/academic verifications
            o Personal references
            o Military service
            o Business licensing
            o OSHA status/complaints
  • Customized services to meet your needs

    You�ll be provided with same-day verification for receipt of assignment, 24-hour contact, written progress reports and on-site verification for surveillance.